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Current state of the Web Page “Café Différance” – December 2005


I leave this website open as a loving memorial to my best friend and travelling (canine) companion, Virginia (1994-2005) – and as a mark of respect to the original (human) contributors. Its construction at the beginning of the new millennium was a fun-project, which involved a worthwhile but steep learning gradient. However, I have since moved on to other activities, so this particular site is no longer being updated. It remains as a little epoch frozen in a bubble of time – a kind of message in a bottle adrift in the sea of cyberspace. “Café Différance” was originally hosted by the University of Haifa’s network (as its sole resource on phenomenology and postmodernism, formerly: http://cafedifferance.haifa.ac.il). The site was inspired by the philosophy café of the same name (Café Différance). I dedicate this little cyber-testament to Ginny’s enthusiastic singing and the fertile minds of the participants of those meetings and the unique little history that we shared.

Louis N. Sandowsky


Readers are permitted to quote from any of the material published on this site with the proviso that they add the following details:


Café Différance” © Louis N. Sandowsky – 2000. http://cafedifferance.com


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Last News Entry: Academic Year 2002-2003


Welcome to the brand new version of Café Différance. This site originally started out as an e-text teaching aid for my students, but its content has proved to have a wider appeal. I hope that this is now also reflected in the way in which it has been re-designed and expanded.


At present, there are technical problems that have not yet been resolved regarding the video presentations in the section:  Philosophy, Fantasy and Film. Hopefully, the links should operate in the not too distant future. Of course, unless you have something more than the old standard 56k modem, this piece of news is irrelevant (given the impossibly long download time that is involved).


Editor’s Note [2005]: The problems were never resolved on the web due to copyright issues. However, the two videos that were produced by students (“Debunk” by Inbar Haft and “Bored to Death” by Idit Shoham) in the section Essays, Fiction and Videos are accessible by clicking on the appropriate links. All the hyperlinks to the videos are functional on the DVD version!


Feedback about this site would be most welcome. Contributors to this News Page are also invited.




Philosophical Counselling – ISPPI Call for Presentations:


After a "dormant" period, ISPPI http://www.geocities.com/centersophon/pc-isppi.html is renewing its activities to promote philosophical practice and counselling locally. Lectures are planned for the month of May, which will be held in Tel Aviv (a whole day – on Friday or Saturday), and possibly also in Jerusalem on Tuesday evenings.

If you are a professional and you would like to present a lecture, please send as soon as possible your preferences regarding day (Friday or Saturday) and place (Tel Aviv or Jerusalem), along with your title and a short description of the lecture. Topics may include recent local events, however keep politics on a low level and philosophy & practice on a high one. Although we cannot promise to be able to include all offers, the organizing committee will try to include as many as possible (Lectures will be in Hebrew and / or in English).

The ISPPI lecture series will be announced in some major national and local newspapers under the lecture columns.


Dr Shlomit C. Schuster

Email: counsel@actcom.co.il




Proposed Boycott of Academic Ties with Israel


There has been a call in Europe (and a similar attitude in the US) by certain academics to set up a moratorium on cultural and research links with Israeli academia. For further information about how to respond to this rather disturbing proposal, please click on the link below.






Jacques Derrida – Theology and Negative Theology


Jacques Derrida will be participating in a forthcoming conference of The Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature in Toronto – November 23-26, 2002. Details Below.


Editor’s Note [2005]: It is with great respect that we acknowledge the recent death of the father of deconstruction, Jacques Derrida (1930-2004). The genius of his texts lives on.